Advanced Deer Attractant

What would it mean to you as a hunter, if there was a deer attractant that worked all year round…

How would you like to increase your chances to bring home that buck or doe…

We know deer hunters strive to have a great season. That’s why we created Buck Wheatz Advanced Deer Attractant with the deer hunter in mind.

Buck Wheatz is made up with the best combination of stimulating long-range attractants, vitamins and minerals. That Really Work!

You’re Probably Thinking…

1. Will it continue to hold or attract the same deer to areas applied?


2. Will it bring deer to areas of little or no activity?


3. Will it stop deer that are traveling through areas applied?

The answer is Yes to all three questions. Buck Wheatz has been field tested within multiple populations of white tail deer in three separate states.

Don’t just take our word for it…

10553736_520934051370186_5878575982550275866_o“We began using buckwheatz on our farm in KY this past January in place of our shelled corn & trophy rock & the results were AMAZING!!! The number of pics we received literally tripled!! From now on Buckwheatz is the only deer attractant we will be using!!!” Dr. Jason Buchard

10635898_523883337741924_462023774086055519_n“This stuff is awesome every time I put it out the next morning there was a big hole in the ground from where the deer demolished it.” Ian Childress

10452937_520936298036628_4941248781669160045_o“Since using Buck Wheatz our daytime trail cam photos have nearly doubled. Our farm is surrounded by other hunting clubs and we seem to have the best quality bucks. If they only knew buckwheatz was our secret! We mix 2-3 buckets in with our feeders. The deer love it…..and we do to!!!!!!” Chad Hawes

Western KY

Never have another disappointing hunting season when using Buck Wheatz to attract white tail deer, just like these hunters have experienced…
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